Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Await a Date

Rachel and David have learned that some of the other couples in the same adoption group with them have received their travel papers for China, so they are expecting theirs to arrive anytime. Then they can turn the frequent flyer miles they have been offered into tickets. They have been approved for a no-interest loan that will reimburse them for their expenses in China, but they are looking for a way to get some kind of short-term cash advance before going to China that would be paid off when they return. They are working on getting the house ready for Elizabeth. Candy and I are going to try to get one more shipment of old cell phones and ink/toner cartridges together to put a little more in their adoption fund.

In my conversations with my mother, she seems to have gotten some incentive for hope from anticipating Elizabeth’s arrival. Rachel and David have said one of her first trips will be to see her.

Candy and I were talking the other day (as we were mall walking) about what those first days, weeks and months coming into our family will be like for Elizabeth. Certainly different than the institutional life she has known (regardless of how good it has been). At a year and four months old, she will certainly be aware of the language switch from Chinese to English and of being brought by people she has never seen into totally new surroundings. So many family members are excited to see her, she will find herself to be the center of attention: parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, friends, church. And camping in June. Wow!

We can tell how God’s hand through this process has built up David and Rachel’s faith. We are confident, not only in finishing the process (money, travel, etc.) but also adjustment for Elizabeth and Sam, not to mention David and Rachel.

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