Thursday, March 27, 2008

First E-Mail from China

Yesterday, March 26, we received this first e-mail that Rachel sent from China. Sounds great, and we were very excited to get it.

We got to Beijing just fine. It was a very long day of traveling. We left Milwaukee on Sunday at 7:00 AM and then got here Monday at 10:00 PMish.

Yesterday we walked around the city and went to the zoo to see the pandas. The food is incredible everywhere we go. It is so cheap and so tasty.

Today we saw the Great Wall. Sam was awesome! He practically ran up to the top of the Great Wall and thought it was "incredible" and "awesome". We thought it was too. Then we took a tour of Beijing, saw the Olympic area, and went to Silk Street for some shopping. The shopping is very wearing, they come at you and try to get you to buy things and then you have to bargain. I am very bad at that. David is really good at it though, luckily.

I am having a hard time being here, I really just want to get to Nanjing to get Elizabeth, but it is incredible to see this city. The people are very nice (the ones that are not selling things) we had a tour guide, Jackie, today. He was incredible and very nice. This city is huge, polluted and very smoky. Everyone smokes, everywhere. It is clean though.

I am so tired, but Sam is doing great. The jet lag was not bad either. Did I mention how well Sam has been doing? He has tried all the food and has walked all over and not complained. I hope I did not jinx it by writing about it.


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