Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last “Back to School” for Norm and Candy?

Father's Day with my sons: Jon, David, Erik (l to r) I'm the small one who needs to "grow."



Elizabeth has adjusted to North American food. She seems to love this bowl of guacamole. She is definity getting well nourished.

Sam heads off to his first day of first grade.

As we have communicated with Rachel and David about Sam’s start in first grade, it occurred to me that this may be our last “back to school” season as parents. In the registration and student loan process, Erik learned that by a relatively small addition to his schedule this fall and next spring he would be able to graduate in May 2009 from the University of North Texas with a major in sociology and a minor in music. He seems motivated, and we are cheering (and praying) him toward that goal. What comes after that is still not clear, but we are excited and encouraged to have that goal within sight. He and some friends rent a house in Corinth, Texas, works at Pei Wei (pan-Asian restaurant) and performs with The Raven Charter.

Both of us past 60, we are coming on coming up on another milestone: 40th wedding anniversary in January. As one of the elders in the church here says, “Wow! Forty years and not only are they still speaking, they actually enjoy each other!” Though she doesn’t have a separate spot on the payroll, Candy is a crucial player in the pastoral care ministry of Central Christian Church (not to mention all the wife and mother management Erik and I tend to take for granted, but not without gratitude).

David is now program supervisor (vice-principal) for the experiential education program in an alternative school in Milwaukee, WI and studying for school administrator certification at Marquette University. Elizabeth is on the verge of walking and starting to talk (English, of course). Sam is the great big brother, and seems to grow in relishing that role (even if he’s not as excited about the new work expected in first grade). Rachel continues her nanny work, which lets her devote lots of love and attention on Sam and Elizabeth. They are finding a lot of satisfaction as part of the founding core of Milwaukee Mennonite Church.

Jon is manager for a new team for Siemens in their automated building controls office in Blue Bell, PA. Leanne is now the director of the pre-school for Christ Church of the Valley. In fifth grade, Hannah enjoys the privileges of being in the top grade in her elementary school. Mom and Dad are not sure they are ready yet for middle school next year. Isaac is a boy on the go: Cub Scouts, piano, trumpet, sports.

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