Thursday, December 17, 2009

Erik Graduates from the University of North Texas

Other things have occupied me, and I have not posted to this blog for quite a while. A variety of things prompted me to post several items on the Pilgrim Path page, which got me to look at the ChristLink home page. I realized that we had some great family news that I had not posted.

Erik graduated from the University of North Texas in May, 2009: major sociology, minor music. For the occasion Grandpa Miller came in from Minnesota and Erik’s brother Jon and his son Isaac from Pennsylvania. Not quite a family reunion and not very long, but a good celebration together.

Erik is working at a Pei Wei restaurant and progressing to a more sustaining job (even if not his ultimate career). He is living with us, along with his two dogs, Tess and Isis. His band – The Raven Charter – continues to develop and recently released a video which can be seen and heard at

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