Monday, January 3, 2011

Erik Starts Management Training with Pei Wei

Last night was Erik's last shift as a casher at Pei Wei Asian Diner in Lewisville, TX, and this morning he began management training at Pei Wei in Las Colinas, TX. As he steps from what had been a good part-time college student job to a full-time professional position, he also takes another step toward independent adulthood. He is working on getting his schedule, finances, etc. adjusted with the goal of moving out of our house and managing all of his affairs. He has seemed excited to go to work each day once he knew he'd be taking this step in 2011. He got up at 6:00 AM today, positively motivated to get off to a good start.

Erik's progress is one more piece of the puzzle we are putting together for our future. Downsizing and becoming more nimble so I can begin a new phase of ministry as an intentional interim pastor - serving congregations in their transitions between pastors. We do not know where this adventure may take us, as we anticipate serving different congregations for about a year at a time. Wrapping up our 10+ years as pastor of Central Christian Church in Dallas, Texas by June 1 and finding that first interim pastor opportunity is a major piece of this puzzle, into which the other pieces will be fitting. Even as we are in the process of seeing Erik off on his own in 2011, we are coordinating and communicating with Candy's Dad (who lives in Minneapolis), so our plans can merge and we can support him at this stage of his life too.

Our emotions are also a cluster of puzzle pieces that are still shifting around before they all fit together: anxiety and excitement, disconnect and anticipation. Lots of prayer - lots of work.

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