Thursday, March 3, 2011

Erik the Manager

After completing his management certification test yesterday, Erik started as assistant manager at the Pei Wei restaurant in Lewisville, TX in the afternoon. He started working there as a cashier when he was still a college student and got to become a key employee. Then on to management training at the restaurant in Las Colinas before going back to Lewisville. The path from a good student job to beginning a professional career has be longer and probably with more twists and turns than necessarily wanted, but is satisfying. For a few days Erik will overlap with the present assistant manager before he (the other assistant manager) moves to another restaurant.

Erik's student jobs moved him through a variety of food service experiences. They started as the typical student employment but cultivated a connection with this business that has prepared him for this next opportunity. In the process, he has also developed considerable culinary skills, which we enjoy when he cooks for us at home. What a treat! Erik's sociology degree is an asset as human relations is an important part of this job: staff management and customer service.

The Raven Charter, the band with whom Erik plays, continues to build its fan base. It keeps his music passion alive and thriving. They also are learning more and more about business management all of the time. They have a potentially large audience gig this Friday (at "The Trees" for you familiar with the Dallas music scene).

This is an important step on his journey to adult independence, which right now is focused on getting an appropriate car of his own. Past that comes moving out on his own as well, coordinated with our transition into interim pastoral ministry, which we expect will take place this spring/summer. We are open to where God might lead us, anywhere in the country, but definitely see this as a process (not a great time to sell a house right now) and an adventure for the next stage of our life and ministry.

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Judy Olsen said...

And to think that it was just yesterday that I was praying for Erik's safe arrival among us. That's how it seems to me. Oh, how we miss you. Rejoicing with you on the new adventure in your ministry.
Judy Olsen