Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exploring Together with the PA Stolpes

Hannah (14) and Isaac (turning 12 on May 6) missed a couple of days of school to see us, so we planned some educational events which also served to get us out of the house every day. Young adolescents do not fare well sitting around a cluttered house with 60s something grandparents.

Their family had enjoyed Geocaching (if this word is new to you, go to geocaching.com on the web, of course). They introduced us to this outdoor tech sport which took us exploring around White Rock Lake in the center of Dallas on a beautiful day. This got them their most southerly and westerly finds to add to their record.

 Riding the DART train (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) was part of the adventure of downtown Dallas. With Grandpa on senior citizen fare, the train cost less than parking for the two cars we would have needed. We started at the John F. Kennedy sites and memorial but also saw some of the earlier history of Dallas and Rosa Parks Plaza. I think all agreed that the highlight was the visit to ThanksGiving Square. I had served for a few years on their Interfaith Council, which happened to meet that day, so our children and grandchildren got to meet some of these interesting people. Lying on the floor of the chapel to look at the stained glass spiral ceiling windows was a bigger hit.

We ate lunch at the Pei Wei Asian Diner where Uncle Erik is the Assistant Manager so they could see him at work. We played a couple of rounds of croquet in memory of my Dad. Hannah and Isaac wanted to dye Easter eggs for me to hide so they could hunt. I must not have lost my touch as a 14 and 12 year old had to search pretty hard to get the last half, and I had to show them where the last one was hidden. Perhaps a form of entertainment more than altruism, Hannah and Isaac washed the Blazer.

Of course, we enjoyed showing off our grandchildren (Leanne and Jon too) to the people of First Christian Church of Duncanville. The Maundy Thursday communion (and hand washing rather than foot washing) service was informal enough to allow plenty of conversation. Good Friday Tenebrae was somber and silent, so less social. Easter morning was a delight that included a baptism at the second service.

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