Saturday, July 5, 2014

Signposts and Milestones

Mt. Shasta by Robert Wood
While Yosemite always held a magical power for me (I know I'm hardly alone in that), I didn't get there very often or get to explore many of its special places. For a host of reasons, I got to and was more familiar with the lesser known mountains of Northern California and the Redwood Coast (redwood trees are also magical). Mt. Shasta symbolized much of that part of California for me. I had ambitions of one day climbing Mt. Shasta. I bought a USGS topo map and read a number of trail and route guides. But it never happened. At this point in my life I'm releasing a lot of unfulfilled youthful ambitions, not with grief or regret but with gratitude and joy at the paths on which my journey with Jesus has taken me that I could never have imagined growing up. This Robert Wood print of Mt. Shasta hung in my parents' living room for many years and symbolized for me both my memories and ambitions of those younger days. It has now come to our house but does not have a real place of its own. After mentioning it on Facebook this morning, I wanted a little deeper reflection and more enduring record, so am adding it to my blog.

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