Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not Ready for Christmas

Christmas is not over but only begun. I am completing our Christmas letter on December 26, the second day of Christmas (Boxing Day in the UK, the Feast of Stephen for Good King Wenceslas). Maybe it’s just a rationalization to tell ourselves that if we get Christmas taken care of in the 12 Days (before Epiphany on January 6), we’re still on time. We’ve been aware the slowing down has been coming on for a while. Maybe this year we’re just accepting it. When Simeon saw the 40 day old Jesus (Luke 2:29-32) he was ready to leave this life having seen God’s salvation. Though not expecting to depart any time soon, perhaps our more relaxed approach to Christmas comes as our vision of God’s salvation gets clearer and closer.
Merry Christmas to you all!
from Norm for Candy too

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